been there

identity / printing / web design


Branding identity for BA (Hons) Graphic Design
exhibition at the Arts University Bournemouth.
Catalogue cover designed myself. Website
designed myself and Luke Brown.


Collaboration with Barney Beauchamp, Ben Borst,

Luke Brown, Jasmin Brown, Tristan Dummer, Izzi Hays, Harry Kitchin, Alice Luscombe, Stefan Man, Steven O’Neil, Alice Pomfret, Perry Rowe, Rob Scott, Hannah Spearman-Oxx, Lily Stansbury and
Sarah Wickings.




"The Arts University Bournemouth graphic design graduates have been making things here and there for three years and now we’re putting it all on show —a collection of work we have been creating and curating, producing and exploring, testing and questioning, designing and developing."



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